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Distrify is a powerful suite of digital tools that turn the entire internet into a movie marketplace. Consumer behaviour and demand around the world are changing rapidly and Distrify provides a solution for the film industry to adapt to current trends. Attention-spans are shorter, people are avidly sharing things they like, people often won't wait until your official release in their country to watch your film. They want your film now. In the new film marketplace you need to make your film available to purchase immediately when the audience sees the trailer. The only way to do that is with Distrify.

Key Features

  • Market and sell your films through viral networks of fans
  • Your film trailer (and shop) can be embedded on any website, blog, forum, or social network
  • Users can buy the film (stream / download / DVD / cinema ticket) no matter where they discover it
  • Display upcoming cinema/festival screenings in the user's area
  • Works across all video-enabled internet devices, including PCs, phones, tablets and many TVs
  • Instant, transparent accounting - see who's buying and build your mailing list
  • Easy affiliate scheme for fans or partners who share

Distrify is a toolset that turns the entire internet into a viral distribution platform

Consumers discover new films through word-of-mouth, recommendations, or reviews. With Distrify's unique trailer-based shop, consumers do not need to find another platform once they see your trailer - they can simply click "Rent" or "Buy" or "Cinemas" and watch or engage instantly. People enjoy discovering and sharing things they like, and Distrify makes sharing and discovering films fun, simple and profitable. Distrify works best for the new generation of producers and distributors who are actively engaging with their audience online (and offline) and using social media.

Every film is different. There are no magic solutions. If you want your audience to find and buy your film, you need to engage directly with your audience online and offline, and you need the best tools to ensure that engagement converts to sales. Distrify is that toolset.

Imagine that your film is a nail. Distrify is the hammer. You need to hammer your film with Distrify in order to make sales and grow your audience. If you can identify the most influential people who will like your film, all you need to do is ask them to start embedding and sharing your film with the Distrify video player. Then watch it go viral.

Rather than paying to get your film featured on an online VOD platform, you can use Distrify to get your film featured on every website your niche audience is already visiting. All you have to do is ask your biggest fans to start sharing the Distrify video player. Before long, people will be watching your trailer and renting your film without leaving their Facebook wall.

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