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Distrify can work for you in a variety of ways. The coolest thing about Distrify is that your film's trailer on the web will always adapt to what you need, whether you are raising funds for your film, marketing it at festivals and cinemas, or selling it direct to your customers.

And the Distrify trailer can be embedded anywhere on the web, turning the entire internet into your marketing and sales platform.

Here are some examples of Distrify in action

Terry Gilliam's Exclusive Online Premiere

Terry Gilliam opted to sell his new award-winning film direct-to-fan via Distrify. It premiered online embedded on The Guardian's website, complete with a live event and interactive blog with Terry.

Terry Gilliam's Official Website

The Wholly Family premiere on The Guardian

The Wholly Family on Ain't It Cool News

Offer a Deluxe Edition with lots of extras

Booked Out is an independent film made in the UK that promoted its theatrical release via Distrify's listing tools. The makers are selling it direct from their beautifully designed website and offering a Deluxe Edition streaming version with loads of extras, plus package options that include a soundtrack download, a poster, or a DVD or Blu-Ray.

This is a fantastic example demonstrating how you can customise product icons and the player background to make the player suit the film and the choices of products.

Booked Out Website

Premium rental while still in cinemas

Gary Hustwit (known for Helvetica and Objectified) got in touch with us when planning the digital release of Urbanized - the final film in his design trilogy. While Urbanized was still in cinemas, Gary also offered it as an exclusive $6.99 premium rental from his website. Distrify enabled him to launch the film globally and start a viral spread of the film via social media.

Urbanized Website

Promote cinema screenings

Led Zeppelin is promoting the global theatrical release of "Celebration Day" directly in the trailer - a fantastic way to get their audience involved. Fans all over the world can use their device's GPS or their town name to find local screening showtimes. If a screening is not yet scheduled in their area, fans can demand a screening. All the data we collect influences the release strategy for the film.

See it in action on the official Led Zeppelin website

Sell a film via streaming rental, download-to-own, or even DVD

The "Just to Get a Rep" player has a full range of options, from instant streaming rental to digital download and 2-disc DVD. You can even rent the film and buy the DVD at the same time - a great option for collectors who want to see it immediately but still have the packaged product to put on their shelves.

"Just to Get a Rep" website

Sell e-tickets

Edindocs, Edinburgh's documentary film festival, is the first festival to sell tickets from the film trailers. Distrify is handling e-tickets for the entire event.

The Edindocs Festival website

Get your fans to embed your film on their sites

The director (Phil Hawkins) and producers (Ben Swift and Mercedes ) have been very effective at getting the word out about their film "Being Sold". They've used Twitter, blogs and Facebook, but most importantly they got their cast and fans involved in the promotion. Anyone who embeds their trailer or links to it can earn a 10% affiliate commission for sales they refer.

Specially made "Being Sold" website

Embedded on the Mentorless blog

Embedded on the director's Tumblr blog

Embedded on review site

Embedded in a discussion forum

Sell in multiple languages and prices

Ari Gold, the director/star/writer/producer of "Adventures of Power" has managed to grow his Facebook page to over 100,000 fans. In the process he discovered a huge following of his film wanting versions with closed-captions and also Spanish subtitles. Thanks to Distrify, he can rent the film and a whole slew of extra materials in whichever language version each audience member chooses. And his Mexican fans can pay directly in pesos! (Note: this film is not available in the UK.)

Check it out on their website

Sell deluxe edition with extra materials and commentary

Chris Jones's Oscar-shortlisted short film "Gone Fishing" is available to rent or buy and includes two commentaries plus behind-the-scenes video blogs and more. All available instantly via Distrify.

Check it out on Chris Jones's website

Read his blog post

Turn your website into your own channel

Empty Mind Films produces unique documentaries targeted at a dedicated niche. They have built a "Watch Now" section of their website that lets fans watch instantly via streaming rental or download-to-own. Fans often watch several of the films available on the site.

Check out the Empty Mind Films website

See how they promote the affiliate commission to resellers

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