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Please read and agree to our Terms and Conditions:

Content Provider Terms of Use

Effective Date: 18 April 2013

We are delighted you have chosen to use Distrify and hope you find Distrify (also referred to as Service Provider in these Terms) to be a lucrative source of self-distribution for your films. The following Terms apply to you if you are, or intend to become, a Content Provider (also referred to as Licensor in these Terms), i.e. intend to use the Distrify Service to distribute your film, other digital content and/or merchandise using the Distrify Service, collectively 'Content'. Distrify is referred to as the Service Provider, also as we, us, our in these Terms. Please read these Terms carefully – they contain important information about our obligations toward each other. In uploading a film or registering for a Plan with Distrify, you agree to be bound by these Terms, which create a legally binding Agreement between you and Distrify Ltd.

  1. Definitions
    1. Distrify Service: also referred to as the Service, shall mean the website, the website and all functionality and resources made available to you by Distrify.
    2. Video-On-Demand (VOD): shall mean that method of exhibition of the Film, in which the consumer is licensed the ability to select the time and day of the exhibition of the Film, and the Film is then streamed or downloaded via the Internet to the viewing consumer within a specified period of time following the consumer's selection and the consumer can then view the Film at that time or at a later point in time on the consumer's personal devices only.
    3. Transactional Video-On-Demand: also referred to as TVOD or Streaming, shall mean that method of exhibition of VOD in which the consumer is required to pay a separate fee to obtain a limited right to view the Film that may be accessed and viewed, but not downloaded or further copied, subject to express limitations: 1.5 total views with 5 accesses permitted over a period of 30 days.
    4. Download-to-Own: shall mean that method of VOD where the consumer is licensed the right to download and store a copy of the Film on the consumer's hard drive, cellular phone, or other storage receptacle for an indefinite period of time and the consumer is licensed the right to burn a hard-copy (e.g. DVD) of the Film after having first received a copy of the digital file of such Film. The file containing the Content may be downloaded once, and the customer has a limit of 30 days in which to make the download.
    5. Service Provider's Service: also referred to as the Distrify Player or the Service - the video player through which trailers are viewed and Films sold, and all supporting technology and infrastructure including, but not limited to, the Distrify and Muvies websites.
    6. Supporter: The Distrify Player increases sales by paying a commission to third parties (Supporters) for sales made through sharing or embedding the Player on a website over which they have control, which is not controlled by the Licensor or its employees or representatives. Distrify monitors closely all locations to which a player is shared and blocks any sites which breach our Supporter terms and conditions, available here.
    7. Film(s): also referred to as Content shall meanany film(s) made available through the Service including but not limited to the product made available for sale, trailers, extras and/or other non-digital merchandise (e.g. DVDs), T-shirts etc.
    8. AVOD: or Advertisement supported Video on Demand – shall mean any method of distribution whereby revenue is generated by selling advertising to support the Film's VOD availability.
    9. Content Plan: a discounted pricing Plan whereby you may pay in advance for enhanced data upload and storage limits and further features which are available from time to time, and which makes provision for costs to be billed to you for exceeding said limits.
    10. Term: the period of time for which you are bound to these Terms.
  2. Content Plans and Cancellation
    1. Before uploading any content or otherwise making any content available for sale, you will be required to create a user account and sign up to a Content Plan. You will be notified at the sign-up stage of the pricing and services which apply to the available Plans, and these may change from time to time.
    2. You must keep your payment details up to date. If you fail to make a payment when it falls due, we may suspend or terminate you account.
    3. You will be advised of the billing period which applies to your subscription when you sign up. You will be billed during the first week of each billing period which applies to your subscription. You may be offered the option of upgrading or downgrading your subscription to a different Plan. Any such request must be made at least 2 working days before the end of your billing period, or it may not be processed in time and you will be charged the fee corresponding to your existing Plan.
    4. Cancellation: if you change your mind about using Distrify, you may cancel your Agreement with us by emailing us at [email protected] detailing the reasons why you wish to cancel within once calendar month of the day on which you joined our service; you must enter the word CANCELLATION in upper case in the subject field. Your cancellation request will not be accepted if you have used any of Distrify's services e.g. uploading a trailer or film.
    5. In the event that you terminate your subscription, if there are any active orders at the time of your termination, we will, once we have processed your request at the end of the current billing period, prevent further purchases from being made. However, if there are outstanding orders, your account will not be closed until these orders have been fulfilled. If this requires that your account remains open beyond the end of the current billing period, you will be charged for storage on the basis of the Minimum Activity Fees advertised on our pricing pages form time to time.
    6. In the event that you fail to make any payments as they become due, we may, at our sole discretion, terminate this agreement.
  3. Licenced Rights
    1. Films: These Terms shall apply to each of your Film(s). We will enable the Film(s) to be available for purchase through our Service through secure means to all customers within the Territory solely for the purposes set forth in these Terms. The Territory shall consist of the whole world excepting any territorial restrictions you specify: it is your responsibility to geo-block those territories in respect of which you do not have rights to exploit the Films using the tools provided on the Service.
    2. Licenced Rights: Subject to these Terms, you hereby grant Distrify a limited, revocable, non-exclusive license for the royalty free exploitation of the following rights within the Territory during the Term:
      1. Transactional Video-on-Demand (Streaming) rights;
      2. Download to Own; and/or
      3. Merchandise sales including DVD.

      Subject to clause 3.c, you shall make at least one of the above rights (i), (ii) and/or (iii) available through the Service initially, and you may add further rights at any time.

    3. With regard to clause 3.b (i) and (ii), you may only make services available to customers if you are on a paid Plan, or if otherwise agreed by Distrify in writing.
    4. It is a condition of these Terms that any Content sold through Distrify must not be made available to non-paying customers other than through the Distrify Service. For this reason, we require you to grant us an exclusive licence to AVOD rights to any Content you make available through Distrify for the duration of the Term applicable to that Content, and you hereby grant Distrify exclusive AVOD rights to all Content you make available for sale through Distrify. This will enable us to combat piracy more effectively on your behalf as it enhances the efficacy of any takedown notices we post on your behalf.
    5. You are free to set the price-point of your products as you choose subject to the minimum price requirements. These are calculated by a formula based on file size and duration of content, and are made available to you when editing product details.
    6. Some of our services enable you to make Content available to audiences free of charge i.e. customers do not pay to access the Content. Unless otherwise agreed, we will charge you 25% of the price of the product in question where you have set a price, or 25% of the minimum price for that product per clause 3.e. Where you make a discount voucher available to a customer, we will calculate our share of revenue based on the net non-discounted price of the Content. You agree that we may charge you against your payment details for our share of revenue.
    7. You understand that, subject to the Supporter Terms, available here, third parties (Supporters) may embed the Player containing your Content on their website, share it through social media and link to the Player, and you hereby give permission to Supporters so to do, and you permit Distrify to facilitate this process. You also understand and agree that a Supporter shall receive a minimum 10% share of revenue from sales he/she refers per the pricing pages on our website.
    8. With regard to b.(iii) of this clause, unless otherwise agreed in writing, it is your responsibility to fulfil any DVD or merchandise orders timeously. You must keep the delivery status of all merchandise orders up to date in your profile. If you fail to mark an order as delivered within 5 working days, or if we intimate a customer complaint to you which you fail to respond to by email within 2 working days or to resolve within 5 working days, we reserve the right to issue a refund and/or provide a free stream of the Film(s) or any other remedy we should, in our sole reasonable discretion, deem to be appropriate in the circumstances, and to charge you the administration fee advertised on the pricing pages of our website from time to time in respect of each breach. If you make merchandise available for purchase through the Service, you must provide a valid telephone number and email address in your user profile, and you agree that we may share these with customers so they may contact you about their purchase. If you use a third party DVD fulfilment service (e.g. Kunaki), you must keep your account with that service in sufficient credit to allow all orders to be fulfilled timeously.
    9. We shall have the right to withdraw any Film from the Service we believe, in our sole reasonable discretion, that the continued exploitation of the Film is likely to cause material or financial damage to Distrify or our reputation, or that there is doubt that the rights necessary for our royalty-free exploitation of the film are in place. You shall not be entitled to any right or remedy as a result of such withdrawal.
  4. Representations and Warranties
    1. Except as otherwise expressly set forth in these Terms, neither party makes any other representations or warranties to the other party.
    2. You undertake, represent and warrant that:
      1. you have the full right, authority and ability to enter into and perform this Agreement and to give the warranties and representations herein contained;
      2. you understand and acknowledge that it is your responsibility to ascertain whether Distrify is suitable for your purposes and that the Service is provided on an 'as is' basis;
      3. you have the full right, authority and ability to grant License Rights (including all applicable literary, artistic, musical and/or intellectual property rights) for the royalty free exploitation of the Film(s) as set forth in Section 3 of this Agreement;
      4. you will not use the Service to make available any Films(s) or other content which contain any illegal, discriminatory or obscene content. Where your Film(s) contain content which is age restricted content, you must restrict access to those old enough to view the content using Distrify's age restriction tools;
      5. to the best of your knowledge, there are no claims, liens, charges, restrictions or encumbrances or any litigation, whether current, pending or threatened against you, which may affect or impinge upon Distrify's exercise and/or exploitation of the Licensed Rights;
      6. the exercise of the Licensed Rights will not infringe any rights of any third party, including copyright, trademark, unfair competition, contract, defamation, privacy or publicity rights;
      7. you have cleared all rights to and embodied in the Film(s) necessary for Distrify to exploit the Licensed Rights in the Film(s) in accordance with these Terms, including, as applicable, all rights in copyright, the rights to reproduce, distribute, perform, display and prepare derivative works and the so-called mechanical and synchronization rights for the sound recordings and musical compositions embodied in the Films.
      8. you agree only to use this Service for the commercial exploitation of your Film(s) and not for any purpose not explicitly permitted by these Terms. You agree not use the Service to advertise any product not offered for sale through the Service unless by express agreement in writing with Distrify;
      9. you agree not to use the Service to link to any web page which does not utilise the Service, with the exception of the Showtimes Player™. Where you make showtimes available through our Player, you may link to the websites of the cinema where the film is being shown and/or the box office of that cinema for the purchase of tickets to the film in question. You may not link to any other websites;
      10. you shall not, and shall not allow any third party to copy, market, distribute, export, translate, reverse engineer, transmit, merge, modify, transfer, adapt, loan, rent, lease, use, assign, share, redistribute, host, hyper-link to, frame or store all or any portion of the Service, except as explicitly set forth herein;
      11. where you make Film(s) available for purchase or viewing through any website you control, the Service shall be promoted no less favourably than any other viewing option for that Film offered on that site;
      12. unless otherwise agreed in writing between Licensor and Service Provider, any Film(s) you make available through the Service shall not be offered to the public on a free to view basis, or at a lower price, through any other service or means (with the exception of terrestrial television);
    3. Distrify undertakes, represents and warrants that:
      1. Distrify shall take all commercially reasonable measures and comply with industry standards to maintain the Service and shall immediately remedy any faults insofar as such action is commercially practicable. Distrify shall ensure a minimum of 98% availability and will post notice of any scheduled downtime of the Service and a timeline for the reinstatement of the Service on its website, however, we make no further warranty as to continuity of service and you understand and accept that the service is provided on an 'as is' basis;
      2. Distrify has the full right, authority and ability to enter into and perform this Agreement and to give the warranties and representations herein contained;
      3. Distrify shall not use the Film(s) except as set forth in this Agreement;
      4. there are no claims, liens, charges, restrictions or encumbrances or any litigation, whether current, pending or threatened against it, which could impact on our ability to fulfil its obligations hereunder, including but not limited to its payment obligations;
      5. Distrify shall not, and shall not permit any third party to copy, market, distribute, export, translate, reverse engineer, transmit, merge, modify, transfer, adapt, loan, rent, lease, assign, share, redistribute, host, hyper-link to, frame or store all or any part of the Film(s), except as explicitly set forth herein.
  5. Indemnification and Limitation of Liability
    1. Subject to the provisions of clause 5.b, you agree to indemnify, defend and hold Distrify, its affiliates, officers, directors, employees, agents, successors and assigns (each, a Distrify Indemnitee) harmless from and against any and all direct and indirect losses (including loss of profits, consequential losses, loss of goodwill, liabilities, damages and costs and all related costs and expenses, including reasonable legal fees) (collectively, Losses) arising out of or relating to: (i) any claim alleging that any Film(s) or other content you make available through the Distrify Service infringe upon the intellectual property rights of any third party, (ii) your failure to comply in any material respect with applicable law; (iii) any breach of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions; and (iv) any act or omission by you or any of your affiliates, officers, directors, employees or agents which could reasonably be foreseen to cause any Losses to a Distrify Indemnitee. Subject to clause 4.b of these Terms, Distrify agrees to indemnify and hold you indemnified from and against, reasonable, foreseeable Losses arising out of our breach of any of the provisions of clause 4.c of these Terms.
    2. Except as expressly stated in clause 5.c the Service Provider shall not in any circumstances have any liability for any losses or damages which may be suffered by the Licensor (or any person claiming under or through the Licensor), whether the same are suffered directly or indirectly or are immediate or consequential, and whether the same arise in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise howsoever, which fall within any of the following categories: special damage even if the Service Provider was aware of the circumstances in which such special damage could arise; loss of profits; loss of anticipated savings; loss of business opportunity; loss of goodwill; loss or corruption of data, provided that this clause 4(b) shall not prevent claims for loss of or damage to the Licensor's tangible property that fall within the terms of clause 4(b) or any other claims for direct financial loss that are not excluded by any of these categories inclusive of this clause 4(b), the total liability of the Service Provider, whether in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise and whether in connection with this licence or any collateral contract, shall in no circumstances exceed a sum equal to 1.5 times the amount of gross profit collected by us in respect of the services provided to you giving rise to the claim in the 12 months preceding the date of claim. This section 5.b and 5.c of these Terms constitute each party's sole and exclusive remedy in any action for damages, restitution or any other claim for monetary relief. The indemnified party shall notify the other promptly in writing of the claim, mitigate losses to the fullest commercially practicable extent, provide reasonable assistance in connection with the defence and/or settlement thereof (at the other's expense), and permit the other to control the defence and/or settlement thereof. No claims will be entertained after 12 months have elapsed from the day on which the event giving rise to the claim took place; and the Licensor agrees that, in entering into this licence, either it did not rely on any representations (whether written or oral) of any kind or of any person other that those expressly set out in this licence or (if it did rely on any representations, whether written or oral, not expressly set out in this licence) that it shall have no remedy in respect of such representations and (in either case) the Service Provider shall have no liability in any circumstances otherwise than in accordance with the express terms of this agreement.
    3. The exclusions in clause 5.b shall apply to the fullest extent permissible at law, but the Service Provider does not exclude liability for a breach of clause 4.c of this agreement; death or personal injury caused by the negligence of the Service Provider, its officers, employees, contractors or agents; fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation; breach of the obligations implied by section 12 of the Sale of Goods Act 1979 or section 2 of the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982; or any other liability which may not be excluded by law.
    4. Except where Distrify is in breach of these Terms, you agree not to hold us liable for any banking or credit card charges which you may incur as a result of your use of the Service, and you further agree to indemnify us against any banking or credit card charges we may incur in respect of any customer activity in relation to your Content, including, but not limited to, chargeback and refund fees, and you permit us to recover these from you by charging you in respect of these using your payment details on your user profile.
    5. All dates supplied by the Service Provider for the provision of Services shall be treated as approximate only. The Service Provider shall not in any circumstances be liable for any loss or damage arising from any delay in delivery beyond such approximate dates.
    6. All references to the "Service Provider" and "Distrify" in this clause 5 shall, for the purposes of this clause and clause 12 only, be treated as including all employees, subcontractors and suppliers of the Service Provider, all of whom shall have the benefit of the exclusions and limitations of liability set out in this clause, in accordance with clause 12.
  6. Grant and Reservation of Rights and Intellectual Property
    1. Subject to the provisions of clause 11 of these Terms, Distrify hereby grants you the right to use our names, logos, trademarks, likenesses and artwork on any homepages, websites and on any marketing materials or in press releases used to promote the Film(s) and/or the our service. You hereby grant Distrify the right to use any names, logos, trademarks, likenesses and artwork relating to the Film(s) (limited to those you have made available to Distrify) for the purposes of promoting the Film(s) and/or our Service and to list you, using appropriate tradename(s) and trademark(s), in a list of clients.
    2. Each Party owns and shall retain all right, title and interest in its respective (a) Films, trade names, logos, trademarks, service marks, trade dress, copyrights, patents, patent applications, trade secrets and other proprietary rights including, without limitation, those in its Confidential Information, and (b) any Confidential Information, text, graphics, audio, images, photographs, illustrations, bar codes, designs, ideas, processes, methodologies, forms and formats, materials, software, Internet domain names, arrangement of content, distinctive and original layout and presentation of Films and web pages, and any derivative works or enhancements to any of the foregoing ("Property"). Neither Party shall acquire any right, title, or interest in the other's Property, except for the limited use rights expressly set forth in these Terms. All rights not specifically licensed herein are withheld and expressly reserved by each party. This clause is subject to the Confidentiality provisions detailed in clause 11 below, and the Indemnity provisions of clause 5, above.
  7. Payment Provisions and Delivery:
    1. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, in consideration for the Licensed Rights granted hereunder, Distrify shall pay to you, to Distrify, and to any Supporter an appropriate share of Payable Receipts as notified to you at the time of signing up for your current Plan. "Payable Receipts" shall mean one hundred per cent (100%) of all monies received by Service Provider in respect of exploitation of the Films, after deduction of all applicable taxes (e.g. VAT or Sales Tax). We will transfer the Licensor's Share to you by wire transfer (or similar method) upon request, provided that the sum due to you exceeds the minimum payment threshold as advertised on the our payment pages of our website from time to time. You may make a maximum of one withdrawal request per month.
    2. You shall be liable for any charges incurred by Distrify in making your payment to you including, but not limited to bank charges. You will be notified of any such charges prior to your payment being made.
    3. You agree to provide digital files to the Film(s) (including trailer and feature) which meet our required encoding and quality settings as defined here.

      Please take care to ensure that you only upload suitable files – we reserve the right to levy a reasonable charge against you to cover any costs we incur due to your attempts to upload flawed or unsuitable files to our Service, and you permit us to charge this against your account. These charges may be subject to change, you will be notified through this website of any amendments.

  8. Governing Law, Jurisdiction and Dispute Resolution: These Terms shall be construed and interpreted pursuant to the Law of Scotland, and the courts of Scotland shall have exclusive jurisdiction. The parties shall attempt to resolve any dispute arising out of or relating to this contract (including non-contractual disputes or claims) through good faith negotiations between directors of the parties, who have authority to settle the same. Nothing in this clause shall be construed as prohibiting a Party or its affiliate from applying to a court located in Scotland for relief.
  9. No Waiver: The failure or neglect of either party on any occasion to enforce any provision of these Terms shall not be deemed a waiver or prevent such party from enforcing the provision or any other provision upon that or any other occasion.
  10. Entire Agreement: Unless otherwise agreed in writing and signed by both parties, these Terms shall constitute the entire agreement between the Parties. You acknowledge and accept that you have not relied on any warranties or other advice not contained in these Terms in agreeing to be bound by these Terms. These Terms may be modified from time to time at Distrify's discretion. You are advised to check regularly for updates, which will be notified through this website. Your continued use of this website and/or the Service one calendar month after any such amendments have been so notified shall be construed as your acceptance to be bound by these Terms in their amended form. These Terms, together with our Customer Terms, Supporter Terms, Privacy Policy and Copyright Policy shall constitute the entire agreement between the Parties.
  11. Confidentiality: In using this Service, you agree not to disclose any details about this Service and/or your use of it (other than the fact that you use this Service) to any third party and you agree not to use any know-how or information acquired through your use of this Service in any other business activity now, for the duration of this Agreement and for a period of 2 (two) years from the termination of this Agreement. You agree not to make any PR or other press announcements about your use of this Service without our written consent. Please note that the indemnification provisions of clause 5.a of these Terms apply to this clause.
  12. Rights of Third Parties: Notwithstanding any other provision of these Terms, these Terms are not intended to, and do not, give any person who is not a party to it any right to enforce any of its provisions. Nothing in these Terms shall be construed so as to create any third party beneficiary hereunder. Nothing under these Terms shall entitle any third party to any remedies against the Service Provider, at law, in equity, or otherwise, including, without limitation, the right to seek or obtain relief by interdict or injunction against the Service Provider's distribution of the Film(s).
  13. Force Majeure: Distrify will not be liable hereunder by reason of any failure or delay in the performance of its obligations hereunder (except for the payment of money) on account of strikes, shortages, riots, insurrection, fires, flood, storm, explosions, war, governmental action, labour conditions, earthquakes, terrorism or threat of terrorism, computer viruses or worms, computer sabotage, 'Denial of Service' attacks, DNS spoofing attacks and/or other hacking attacks of a similar nature (provided it has taken commercially reasonable steps to prevent such hacking attacks), or any other cause which is beyond Distrify's reasonable control.
  14. Severability: If any court or competent authority finds that any provision of this agreement (or part of any provision) is invalid, illegal or unenforceable, that provision or part-provision shall, to the extent required, be deemed to be deleted, and the validity and enforceability of the other provisions of this agreement shall not be affected. If any invalid, unenforceable or illegal provision of this agreement would be valid, enforceable and legal if some part of it were deleted, the parties shall negotiate in good faith to amend such provision such that, as amended, it is legal, valid and enforceable, and, to the greatest extent possible, achieves the parties' original commercial intention.
  15. Amendment: these Terms are subject to change, and you will be notified of any alterations through the Distrify website Where amendment to these terms has a substantial material impact on your use of the Service, you may cancel your use of the Service within 10 working days of notification of said amendments without penalty. Your continued use of the Service after 10 working days have elapsed shall constitute your acceptance of the amended terms.
  16. Survival: The rights and obligations contained in clauses 4 (Warranties); 5 (Indemnification and Limitation of Liability); 6.b (Intellectual Property); 11 (Confidentiality) and 15 (Survival) will survive any termination or expiration of the agreement between the Parties to this Agreement created by your acceptance of these Terms.

Distrify is the trading name of Distrify Limited, incorporated under the Companies Act (Company Number SC387995) and having its Registered Address and correspondence address at 103 Trongate, Glasgow G1 5HD, Scotland, UK.

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Yes Sell rentals
Yes Live stats
Yes Customer data
Yes Deluxe Editions
Yes Download-to-own
Yes Merchandise
Yes DVD fulfillment
Yes Pre-release marketing
Yes More customization
Yes Advanced analytics
Yes Batch exports
Yes Your logo on the player
Yes Branded VOD platform
Yes API Access
Yes Consultancy Support
Revenue Share 70% to you
65% on affiliate sales
up to 90% to you up to 90% to you up to 90% to you

Distrify charges a small fee of 10%-30% of every sale we handle. The fee includes payment processing, data storage, bandwidth, and customer service. There are no hidden transaction fees. Paid plans benefit from our variable fees.

When your fans share your film, they will earn a minimum 10% affiliate share of each sale they refer. You can optionally offer your affiliates a higher percentage of the sale price. In most cases, Distrify covers part of the affiliate share from our fee (see above). If you set a higher affiliate share (for everyone or only for certain affiliates), the additional affiliate incentive comes out of your share.

Note: Sales to EU customers must have UK VAT included in the price. Revenue splits are calculated on the NET price after VAT is removed.

Included Films 1 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

A 'film' on Distrify is one title, and can include trailers, the feature film, extras, and other products. A collection of shorts or a series can count as one 'film' if they are grouped behind one trailer.

See more detail about what's included in each plan

What's included?

Indie Pro Distributor Studio
Sell anywhere Yes Yes Yes Yes

Sell directly on your website
Embed the Distrify player and shop on your film's website so there's a home for your film. When people share the player they will always be directed to your own website.

Embed your trailer & shop on any website
The Distrify player can be embedded on any website, ensuring that your shop is always right there when people talk about your film on the web. Your fans and reviewers can easily embed it anywhere.

Sell through your trailer
Anywhere someone watches your trailer on the web they are also given the option to rent or buy immediately.

Social media baked-in
The Distrify player includes Facebook, Twitter, and other advanced sharing features to make it easy for your fans to spread your movie virally around the web.

Sell from Facebook
The Distrify Player works in any Facebook page or profile in the Timeline. You can also use our simple 2-click Facebook application to embed your movie on a Facebook Page Tab. Read more here

Set your own prices Yes Yes Yes Yes

You decide how much you want to sell your videos or products for. You can even combine several products in a specially-priced promotional package (e.g. rent the film for $4.99 or the deluxe edition with loads of extras for $9.99). We do have minimum prices depending on product type and data usage. See our recommended prices

Multi-currency support
Distrify lets you sell your film in a variety of popular currencies, including USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD, DKK, etc. You set different prices for each currency and we automatically show the appropriate currency and price using geo-location.

Discount Codes
Offer promotional partners or dedicated fans discount codes.

Auto-HD™ Playback Yes Yes Yes Yes
Upload an HD file and we automatically encode it for desktops, TVs, tablets and mobile phones. We automatically detect what each user's device can support and ensure smooth streaming playback at the highest possible quality - without buffering. Read about our upload recommendations
Geo-blocking Yes Yes Yes Yes
Restrict which of your products are available in different territories. We geo-locate all of your visitors using industry-standard geographic detection technology. If products are not available the Distrify player automatically converts to a lead-capture tool encouraging visitors to sign up to your mailing list.
Sell secure instant rentals Yes Yes Yes Yes

Streaming Rental
Sell instant access to your film via encrypted instant streaming. Works on pretty much any device.

Sell download-to-own No Yes Yes Yes

You can choose to offer your film (and extra materials) as DRM-free digital downloads. You can also sell downloads of other digital files including MP3 soundtracks, PDFs, games and more.

Sell deluxe editions No Yes Yes Yes

Sell different versions & extras
You can sell as many products as you want. Offer your customers options to stream just the film, or include deluxe packages of extras. Or offer the film in different languages, or with different licenses (educational, personal, public exhibition, etc.).

Sell DVDs & other merchandise No Yes Yes Yes

Sell DVDs and merchandise
You can choose to sell anything you want via your movie trailer: Blu-Ray, DVD, merchandise, tickets, etc. You can use our DVD-on-demand automatic fulfillment or you can manage your own stock and fulfillment. You can even package together DVDs with instant streaming rentals.

Sell e-tickets
On our Paid Plans you can sell e-tickets for screenings or events where you need a simple ticketing system.

Mailing list export Yes Yes Yes Batch Yes Batch
Export the email addresses of all your subscribers and send direct email marketing campaigns.
Analytics Basic Basic Yes Advanced Yes Advanced + Custom

Find out who is looking at your movie, where they are from, where it's embedded, and more.

AdWords Conversion Tracking (Advanced plans only)
If you are using Google AdWords (or other ad network) to promote your film, you can track the conversions and value for each product.

Advanced plans also include more detailed analytics with the ability to drill down into your reports over time.

Live Sales reports Yes Yes Yes Yes
Withdraw your income by PayPal or bank transfer. You can check your live sales data online any time and request a withdrawal to the account of your choice once per month.
Basic Cinema listings No up to 10 showtimes per film up to 20 showtimes per film up to 50 showtimes per film
You can include any screenings (theatrical, festival, indie) in the player, so when your audience sees the trailer they can immediately find out where it's showing. We also have a premium geo-located cinema listing service.
Promote your trailer pre-release No Yes Yes Yes

If your film is not yet available to rent or buy, use the Distrify player to build your mailing list or promote cinema and festival screenings.

If you have products for sale, previews are always included free. If you do not have products for sale and are promoting the trailer for cinema listings or email list signups, the Pro plan includes 1,000 previews/month and Distributor plan includes 10,000 previews/month.

DVD Burn-on-Demand No Yes Yes Yes
Upload your DVD-disc-image and artwork and any time someone orders your DVD, we automatically burn, print, pack and ship your DVD anywhere in the world. We support both single-layer and dual-layer DVDs. Contact us for more details on how to get started.
Custom Buttons and Screens No No Yes Yes

Choose alternate button labels when using Email for Media or other advanced features.

Include custom screens with basic HTML when no products are available to the user.

Multiple trailers for one film No No Yes Yes
Embed different trailers with the same products.
Your Logo on the Player No No No Yes
Instant Branded VOD Platform No No No Yes
Use our Collection toolset to create an instant platform for your films, including your logo, custom static pages, and optionally geo-filter your collection for different visitors.
API Access No No No Yes
Access our collections API to programmatically integrate your Distrify catalogue into your website.
Consultancy No No 1 hour per month Marketing Consultancy 1 day per month
The Distributor plan includes 1 hour of telephone support each month.
Sign up today and get a FREE Video Upload Bonus!

All plans include a FREE video upload bonus.

Video uploads are only charged if you upload additional videos beyond the bonus allowance.

Hosting is FREE!

Indie Pro Distributor Studio
first 3 GB FREE
a $24 saving!
(approx. 1 feature film)
first 9 GB FREE
a $73 saving!
(approx. 3 feature films)
first 80 GB FREE
a $650 saving!
(approx. 25 feature films)
first 500 GB FREE
a $4,062 saving!
(approx. 132 feature films)

Charges for additional uploads:

Glyphicons_008_film Video uploads
$8.12/GB after the free bonus
Glyphicons_036_file Other file uploads (MP3, PDF, etc.)
$1.62/GB for all non-video files
Do you want more? Check out our optional extras or contact sales to discuss a custom plan.

Do you want more? Check out our optional extras or contact sales to discuss a custom plan.

Distrify services are billed in GBP. Currency conversions are approximate. All prices are excluding VAT where applicable. You can cancel your account and remove your film from Distrify at the end of the current billing period. If you cancel your account you will still receive any payments due to you according to our standard payment schedule. Plans and prices are subject to change. See our Terms and Conditions for further details.

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