Meet the Team

Distrify started as some crazy ideas and a series of experiments that Peter and Andy cooked up while sitting through another dull "new distribution" panel in Cannes. Using some of our own films as guinea pigs, we spent a couple years dragging them through the mud of online film. After some successes and failures, lots of conversations, a few arguments and a couple of fund-raising pitches, our friends at Creative Scotland gave us a few quid to get started in the Autumn of 2010.

Within a few months, we had a working version of Distrify and an amazing team behind it. Distrify has been built from scratch by a dedicated team that blends decades of film industry experience with decades of experience with web applications, ecommerce and social media.

Andy Green

the powerhouse

Andy has more than 10 years experience as a film producer and editor, including a strong background in the advertising industry. He worked on several Cannes Media Lion winning campaigns for the world's top commercials agencies. Andy was selected for "Features Scotland" - the Scottish Government sponsored expo of up-and-coming film producers. He has worked across film finance, production, distribution and marketing, and draws on this experience to ensure clients of all sizes get what they need from Distrify.

As the COO of Distrify, Andy oversees marketing, sales and client relationships. If you don't understand all this new stuff about online distribution, spend a half-hour with Andy and you'll not only be an expert, you'll be inspired to take on the world. Andy is based in Edinburgh, Scotland, but is always on the move!

David Nicholas Wilkinson

the sage

David Nicholas Wilkinson, founder of the Guerilla companies, is unique in the UK entertainment industry. Since entering the industry in 1970 his hands-on experience and depth of knowledge in a range of different show business sectors is almost certainly unequalled by anyone else working in Britain today. This gives him an enviable overview across the media world. He has a proven track record in film/TV and theatre production winning many awards; cinema/DVD/VOD/airline/TV/online distribution; book publishing as well as event management. He was also an award winning actor and has starred in film/TV/theatre productions. He has produced and/or distributed almost 150 feature films. David has also acted as a consultant on over 300 feature film projects for institutional financiers, individual investors and numerous film and television production companies seeking funding. He has chaired numerous film industry panels and events, has been a jury member of film festivals around the world and frequently appears in the press, radio & TV covering many aspects of the entertainment business.

David is Chairman at Distrify and offers a wealth of experience, knowledge and contacts. David says:
“As a distributor I had become increasingly frustrated and angry at the terms offered by online companies. LoveFilm (owned by the mighty Amazon) made me a truly appalling offer for my library that was an insult to every one of my filmmakers. Even iTunes who offered excellent terms were problematic to work with, expensive to upload our films, offered no control over the promotion nor transparent accounting. I'm naturally sceptical of VOD, but 12 minutes into my first meeting with Distrify I not only agreed to give them all my films but I wanted to join them. So impressed am I with their business model that I am devoting most of my time to helping the company grow.”

Stephen Green

the professional

Stephen joined Distrify after four years as assistant Operations Director at one of Scotland’s largest commercial law firms. He has extensive experience of business administration, accounts, billing and finance, project management and multi-jurisdictional media and intellectual property law. Prior to acquiring his first-class honours law degree, Stephen was a university lecturer specialising in East European Cinema and Russian Language. Stephen has also assisted Andy and Peter in the finance, contracting and production of a number of films over the past 15 years.

As International Business Manager and Chief Legal Officer at Distrify, Stephen takes care of international business, finance and contracting. He's a stickler for detail and keeps the rest of us in check!

Kobi Shely

the social marketing whizz

Kobi is an online film marketing expert, specializing in social media. He previously served as marketing and publishers connections manager at Hyperclip, a video advertising start-up he co founded. Kobi's main passion has always been film, and he's also an award winning filmmaker, his indie doc MacHEADS - on Apple crazy fanatics - broke sales records, rocking the leading VOD streaming sites, including iTunes and Hulu, and was aired on CNBC. Since 2007 Kobi has written on the state and evolution of filmmaking from his blog DocMovies. Tribeca Film Institute chose his twitter as "15 Twitter Feeds Every Filmmaker Should Follow!"

Kieran Masterton

the product strategy & development expert

Kieran is a technologist who has been working where the web meets film since 2004. For the past 15 years he has worked as a coder and technical architect for Internet Service Providers, international broadcasters and major magazine publishers. Kieran co-founded, crowdfunded and built theatrical film distribution platform OpenIndie. He is also currently engaged in research for his PhD which explores the impact of crowdsourcing on the film industry. Since founding OpenIndie Kieran's career has been focused on helping content creators distribute and make a living from their work through the application of web technology. At Distrify, Kieran is improving user experience and helping define strategy.

Alessandro Iacoponi

the networker

Prior to joining Distrify, Alessandro worked for MUBI in London where he defined and executed the business development strategy and gained high level of background knowledge about the connected TV market, the IPTV/OTT market and the digital content market. He has been a VOD panelist at a range of Film Festivals including IDFA, Rotterdam & CPH:Dox. As head of business development at Distrify, Alessandro is focussing on European content and marketing partnerships.

Victoria Mackenzie

ambassador of indie

Victoria comes to Distrify with a background in film, TV and marketing. As an English Literature graduate, her past work has included editing an Arts and Culture magazine, writing a few short screenplays and being involved in various film festivals. She has also worked for STV as a researcher and TV presenter. She often takes part in film discussion groups, regularly hosts Q&A sessions and is an active panel member during festivals.

Victoria is a representative for several charitable organisations and recently went on a trip to Bucharest, Romania to make a short film about European Active Citizenship.

As an ambassador of Indie, Victoria is dedicated to helping independent filmmakers realise their potential and makes sure they receive the highest quality of service throughout their Distrify journey.

Douglas Shearer

the architect

A few months back, Douglas broke his "space-bar thumb" on a mountain bike race. Not missing a beat, he slowly trained himself to press the space-bar with the other thumb. When Douglas isn't out on his mountain bike winning races and getting covered in Scottish mud, he's building the robust platform that keeps Distrify running day-to-day. Douglas has built social networks, online video platforms and all kinds of other web applications. He regularly contributes to the open source community and is a demon on both the bike and the keyboard. If you're ever wondering how Distrify manages to handle millions of simultaneous customers, you can ask Douglas, but I can't promise you'll understand the answer. He keeps Distrify going every day, with or without his right thumb.

Where are we?

the headquarters

We're spread around the world, and often on the move. So if you want to meet, we can */ ?subject=Meeting%20Request">make an appointment at the next major festival or market, or we may be able to visit you. We also have offices in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Los Angeles, Tel Aviv and London. */ ?subject=Meeting%20Request">Let us know if you want to visit.

Who’s backing us?

the investors

Distrify received launch-funding from Creative Scotland via two successful pitches: Interactive Scotland's Digital Inspirations pitch and the Cultural Enterprise Office's Starter for 6 Fast Track programme. We then pitched to the Technology Strategy Board to receive further funding.

Since 2012 we are receiving the support of the MEDIA Programme of the European Union. Creative Scotland and Scottish Enterprise continue to support Distrify's development through further funding and services. We would like to thank these organisations for their generosity and support.

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