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Charlie Casanova

Distrify delivers rare and remarkable hands-on passionate insight into how movies are watched and by whom. The access to Distrify's accumulated data detailing how your film is being engaged with is astonishing.

Terry McMahon, Director / Producer, Charlie Casanova

Social media integration

Distrify makes extensive use of social media to promote films. Share with your contacts, fans and watch your audience grow.

Analyze audiences

Listen to and engage with your audience. Observe trends or drill-down into granular data to learn about your fans and give them what they want.

Sell on the spot

Customers can now buy your movie wherever they find it. Everywhere your trailer is embedded, your "buy" button is always there, ensuring maximum sales conversions.

Global control

Set pricing in local currencies, sell your film in multiple languages, or block territories where you have other deals in place. See where your fans live and how they want to watch your film.


Built from the ground up with modern browsers and devices in mind, Distrify gives fans the same experience from PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones to connected-TVs.


Distrify supports industry-standard secure content-delivery that results in unrivalled security and customer confidence. Better and more direct audience relationships mean more honest customers.

Beyond VOD

Films were made for the cinema, and Distrify helps you promote live cinema listings, including major theatrical releases, film festivals, screening tours, and on-demand cinema. From Ultra-VOD to Day-and-Date, to traditional release windows, Distrify is the complete marketing solution.


Distrify makes online streaming and downloads simple, and gives you the tools to sell DVDs and merchandise, including automatic on-demand DVD fulfillment with no upfront costs. With our built-in e-ticket system, you can even sell tickets for events that you or fans organise.

Sea Wall

Terrific initial speed would best describe my first experience with Distrify – we found out about and decided to use Distrify, built our Tumblr site, launched on Twitter and uploaded the film in a matter of a few days to coincide with Andrew Scott's performance in the final Reichenbach Fall episode of Sherlock on Jan 14th. It was brilliant to think our film was being downloaded all over the world in no time at all

Andrew Porter, Sea Wall
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